Cat and The Moon headline at The Boston Celtic Music Festival


Hello all and happy Tuesday,

We were fortunate enough to get the headlining slot at The Boston Celtic Music Festival. This was on 1/10/14 Friday night at Club Passim. The place was packed to the back and the audience was very attentive. The music was together. The night couldn’t have gone better. Playing these kinds of festivals with such great audiences has been our dream since the dawn of the group. It is a dream come true to have done this and it’s causing us to be much more cohesive, work harder, and take the band to the next level.

Much love to everybody who came out!


Kathleen and Ricky appear on The BIRN

Kathleen and Ricky got invited to perform on The Berklee Internet Radio Network (The BIRN) to play some music from Cat and The Moon.

They performed Brown County Breakdown, Logan’s Farewell,  and Home Again. The host, Nikolas Gartner, is a charming German who has a great radio personailty and also is a shredder country guitarist. Chicken pickin’ anyone?

Anyway, we’ll be getting the mp3 from session soon and will post it ASAP!

BIRN Nick Birn

Videos, videos, videos, videos!


Charles, Kathleen and myself got together and recorded some of our original music a put them on video. We only used an iPhone to record video and it turned out pretty well. I’m really lucky to be living with Dan Bui, an upcoming master of audio recording, and he was so generous to give us his time and knowledge to help us record. I also spent some time browsing the interwebz learning how to do some video editing in hopes that it would look as good Dan would make it sound.

Anyway here are two of Kathleen’s originals and two of mine.

Hog Wild

Home Again

My Lunar Love

Logan’s Farwell

Thanks for listening and as always,

Enjoy music.

Cat and the Moon

Salt Spring!

Howdy Y’all!

Here is a video of Kathleen Parks and Ricky Mier playing John Reischman’s ultra mega fiddle tune classic Salt Spring.



Also here is a cool photo from our last show at Outpost 186.


American Harvest and Music Festival

What an honor it was to play our very first festival! This darling little event took place in Newburyport MA. Events included vintage baseball, giant pig gazing, ribbon fry eating, and jamming with the other bands who played.

In other news, we’ve been wanting a percussionist for the group and Eamon met a charming piper at The Highland Games who’s very interested in our music. We had Elias come to one of our rehearsals and it was ON. Not only has he got a solid groove and understanding of the music, but he has a real drive to bring the band forward.

We also stumbled across a generous photographer by the name of Matt Muise who took some glamour shots of us. You can find his work at

vintage baseball harvest festival-4734vintage baseball harvest festival-4683-Editvintage baseball harvest festival-4761-Editvintage baseball harvest festival-4767vintage baseball harvest festival-4663-Editvintage baseball harvest festival-4628

More to come!

Opening For The Duhks!

Howdy y’all!

We played an opening set at The Burren for the amazing band The Duhks on Wednesday night (7/24/2013) this week which was recorded and will be played on WGBH’s A Celtic Sojourn hosted by Brian O’Donovan! You can find that and some other great music here:

The Duhks crushed it. I’ve never seen a clawhammer banjo player play intricate Irish melodies but Leonard Podolak is regularly doing the impossible! Their percussionist, Scott Senior, got back from studying  afro-cuban music in Cuba and is extremely tight rhythmically. Their guitarist and violinist, Jordan and Tania Elizabeth, were using octave pedals on their low strings giving the sonic illusion that they had a bass player but really were just using their gear in an innovative fashion. The vocalist Jessee got everybody up and dancing, she worked the crowd wonderfully. Definitely check out their stuff at

Anyway opening up for these guys was technically our first gig and quite an honor too. Brian O’Donovan went so far out of his way for us to play at The Burren and we’re so thankful that we got this opportunity.  His photographer is a super cool guy and took some great photos which we’ll upload shortly. We actually got a filmographer to come in and film our performance so videos will be up shortly. Anyway I hope you’re all having a great summer filled with dream actualization, adventure, exercise and good digestion.

Enjoy the music!

Cat and the Moon

Brian_Cat and Moon Cat and Moon _1356 Cat and Moon_1349 Cat and Moon_1360 Cat and Moon_1362 reflection


Howdy ya’ll and welcome to our new website!

We just finished up a weekend of recording at Eamon’s in home studio where we recorded a set of Irish tunes as well as two of Ricky’s originals. The tunes are being mixed and mastered and will be released later this week!